Fire attack charges

Man charged after three children doused with flammable liquid, set alight.

  1. Canning is poll 'opening round'

    Canning is poll 'opening round': Shorten

    Labor leader Bill Shorten says Canning by-election is round one in fight to oust Abbott govt.

  2. Tiny town a footy giant

    Tiny town kicks well above its weight

    Small WA town an extraordinary football factory, producing a line of AFL stars.

  3. Rudd debuts as CNN anchor

    Former PM Rudd takes a turn as CNN anchor

    Former PM Kevin Rudd fills in as current affairs host while veteran CNN anchor takes a break.

  4. Lonely start to mission to Mars

    One year and counting: Mars isolation experiment begins

    Six people shut inside a dome for a year to help NASA prepare for journey to Mars.

  5. Visiting worker robbed of savings

    Visiting worker robbed of savings

    Overseas worker robbed of money he saved in WA, days before he was due to return home.

  6. $226m road build boost

    State gets a $226m road build boost

    State Government claims 8 per cent saving on 18 road projects around the State.

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