'Fresh' leads in Rayney case

Corryn Rayney review has identified fresh investigative and forensic opportunities: Commissioner.

  1. Man injured in gas bottle blast

    Man injured in gas bottle blast

    A man has been seriously injured in a gas bottle explosion in Morley this afternoon.

  2. Close encounters of the Pilbara kind

    Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a ... gully monster?

    Pilbara residents tell of encounters with gully monsters, ghosts, UFOs and strange lights.

  3. Prince pledges $32b to charity

    Saudi Prince Alwaleed pledges $32 bn fortune to charity

    Saudi prince pledges entire $32 billion fortune to charitable projects.

  4. Plane death toll passes 140

    142 dead in Indonesia military plane crash

    Indonesian military plane that crashed in Sumatra was carrying civilian passengers, report claims.

  5. House values drop over the year

    Perth property values drop over the year

    Perth records second annual fall in property values in four years.

  6. 'Wife killer's' Facebook confession

    Alleged wife killer confessed in chilling Facebook post

    Doctor who allegedly murdered his wife wrote on Facebook about it hours afterwards.

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