The West

  1. Turnbull lifts Libs in polls

    Turnbull ascension brings bounce in polls

    Switch to Turnbull gives Liberals immediate poll boost ahead of Canning byelection.

  2. Risk takers lift drowning toll

    Risk takers push up WA drowning toll

    Drownings across WA increased 30pc on last year, with regional and remote areas greatly over-represented.

  3. Gambling ruined Lotto dream

    Gambling ruined Lotto dream

    Court told man blew money from sale of two Bayswater homes bought from family’s Lotto winnings.

  4. Changes put more crays in pots

    New rules to put more crays in pots

    Changes to rules ahead of season launch on October 15 allow recreational fishers to share pots.

  5. Books boost for communities

    Books boost for Aboriginal communities

    Books are part of an initiative to introduce traditional language into the lives of young Aboriginal children.

  6. Canning campaign adapts

    Campaign in Canning adapts to new reality

    With campaign shorn of national leadership issue one aspirant has to recalibrate message.