The West

Freight Link tunnel revealed

MRD wants $1.3b tunnel under Beaconsfield, White Gum Valley.

  1. Shark-proof barriers delayed

    Shark-proof barriers hit by delays

    Plans for safe areas at Middleton Beach in Albany and Sorrento beach in Perth’s north hit hurdles.

  2. Crushed workers on smoko break

    Workers crushed by concrete slabs

    Pair having a cigarette break about 11.30am outside Bennett Street site when pinned under big concrete slabs.

  3. Public transport best option

    Public transport key to ease congestion

    Commuter survey of 2000 people finds seven of 10 car commuters used vehicle because it was more convenient.

  4. More support for teen parents

    More child staff training to support teenage parents

    Parliamentary committee hears that the young father was allowed unsupervised access to his son.

  5. Lara saves mother’s life

    Lara kept her cool to save mother’s life

    Daughter grabs mum’s phone and calls triple-0, spending 17 minutes following instructions after accident.

  6. Iraq stalls on Diggers’ visas

    Iraq stalls Diggers helping out

    300 Diggers in limbo for almost a month as the Iraqi Government dragged its feet stamping passports.