Missile downed MH17

Russian-made missile shot down flight MH17, killing all 298 people aboard, investigators conclude.

  1. Jail for attack on deaf woman

    Jail for merciless attack on deaf woman

    Man named at Corryn Rayney murder trial jailed for “sustained and merciless” attack on deaf woman.

  2. Man attacked 'rattling on' partner

    Man, 63, bashed partner with sledgehammer handle, court told

    Man killed partner with sledge hammer because she was 'rattling on', court told.

  3. Qantas plans non-stop to London

    Qantas plans non-stop flight to London

    London to Perth in 18 hours - the longest flight int the world by two hours.

  4. Playboy ditches 'passe' nudes

    'I read it for the articles': Playboy ditches 'passe' nudes

    Readers of Playboy can now honestly say they are buying magazine for its articles.

  5. Lottery winners set for life

    Lottery winners set for life

    A family from Perth's southern suburbs are WA's first Set for Life lottery winners.

  6. Coffee runs end in sugar hits

    Coffee runs leading to sugar hits: survey

    Morning coffee run is delivering more than caffeine, study claims.