The West

Freight Link tunnel revealed

MRD wants $1.3b tunnel under Beaconsfield, White Gum Valley.

  1. There was no warning, says pilot

    'No warning was given': Surviving Russian pilot says there was 'no way' the jet violated Turkish airspace

    Turkey releases recordings of apparent warnings after Russian jet pilot says there was none.

  2. Fan's move that stunned everyone

    'Drongo' fan pours beer on basketball player from seat

    Basketball fan thrown out for 'dropkick behaviour' that infuriated coaches, players.

  3. Dramatic increase in sharks: Barnett

    Shark-proof barriers hit by delays

    But shark proof barriers for Albany, Perth beaches are delayed

  4. Gina Rinehart's big payday

    Hancock Prospecting tipped to pay $324m in dividends

    Hancock Prospecting tipped to pay around $324m in dividends.

  5. Grand Mufti: Women men's helpers

    Grand Mufti refers to women as 'helpers of men' in White Ribbon Day statement

    Nation's most senior Muslim under fire again over White Ribbon day speech.

  6. Menegola’s parting shot at Freo

    Menegola’s parting shot at Freo

    Third-time AFL player Sam Menegola has words for Dockers before he departs.