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There's still time to get half off one year of Paramount+ with Showtime

Get the duo for $60 until July 14.

Paramount+ with Showtime

Between price increases and Netflix cutting people off their neighbor's sister's dog sitter's account, affording streaming accounts has become a lot harder. So, we're thrilled that Paramount+ with Showtime annual subscriptions are still available for half off. The yearly cost is $60, down from $120 — as long as you pay the entire sum up front.

Paramount+ with Showtime Annual Subscription

The subscription is half off for one year. 

$60 at Paramount+

Paramount+, formerly CBS All Access, is a great streamer for Star Trek and sports fans — among a few others. It offers originals like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, while being a hub for watching soccer. The streamer has aired NWSL soccer matches and the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Showtime is home to a huge range of television shows that cater to just about every taste. The streamer offers its customers massive hits like Yellowjackets, Billions and Dexter. Paramount+ with Showtime is available for half off until July 14. If you opt for the deal, remember to set a calendar reminder for a year from now or you're going to get a frustrating bill when it doubles.

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