Bar manager shares details of backpacker's final night as medium is abused for 'visions'

The manager of the Byron Bay bar missing backpacker Theo Hayez went on the night he disappeared has spoken out for the first time, as community members searching for him target medium posting predictions of his fate online.

Cheeky Monkey's manager Colm Brennan said the 18-year-old Belgian had been at the tourist bar for just a few hours on May 31 and only had two drinks before he was asked to leave by security at about 11pm.

"He sat down, he chatted, he had a dance and that was it," Mr Brennan told AAP on Tuesday.

"He left okay, he just walked down the street."

Theo has not been seen since leaving the Cheeky Monkey nightclub about 11pm last Friday night. Source: Facebook/Théo Hayez
Theo has not been seen since leaving the Cheeky Monkey nightclub about 11pm on May 31. Source: Facebook/Théo Hayez
Mr Hayez was last seen outside of Cheeky Monkey's bar. Source: NSW Police
CCTV of Mr Hayez outside of Cheeky Monkey's bar. Source: NSW Police

Mr Brennan, himself a former backpacker, said Theo's disappearance from the holiday hotspot was "very sad".

"He was just starting out - just 18 - and he's vanished."

Mr Brennan did not say why Theo was asked to leave the pub, but it has previously been reported that it was because he was intoxicated.

Continued push from volunteers

Locals are continuing to piece together the final known movements of Mr Hayez as they blanket Byron Bay with new posters after official searches were suspended over the weekend.

The 18-year-old was last seen on CCTV walking through the seaside NSW town after leaving the Cheeky Monkey's bar.

SES volunteers search for missing Belgian backpacker around Cape Byron lighthouse. Source: AAP
SES volunteers search for missing Belgian backpacker around Cape Byron lighthouse. Source: AAP

The last "ping" from Theo's phone was recorded on June 1 in the area around the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Searches have failed to locate his clothing or phone, finding which volunteers feel could be the key to learning Theo's fate.

Locals had hoped the bar's regular photographer may have snapped the young man in the crowd, but the photographer did not work that night.

Volunteers distributed pamphlets, posters and letters around Byron Bay on Tuesday.

A missing persons flyer for Theo Hayez. Source: AAP
A missing persons flyer for Theo Hayez. Source: AAP

The volunteers also asks the local community for any CCTV footage which may include Theo.

Theo's mother, who arrived in Australia in the last few days, was expected to meet with volunteer search coordinators in Byron Bay on Tuesday.

Rising tensions online in search for Theo

As time passes without any evidence on Theo’s whereabouts, the local community are trying to stay positive about finding the teen.

With dozens of people taking to the Looking for Theo Hayez Facebook group on a daily basis several people have expressed concern over users speculating on Mr Hayez’ whereabouts or offering false hope to the teen’s family who frequent the page.

There has been suggestion a separate online group should be created for repeated questions on the search and speculation, allowing volunteers to streamline information on the main group.

One of the regular contributors to the existing group who has fallen victim to criticism online is Sunshine Coast woman Tea Kay, a self-proclaimed psychic medium and spiritual consultant.

Having shared several accounts about seeing Mr Hayez alive on the Facebook group, she claims she was on the receiving end of abuse from users accusing her of giving his family false hope.

“I really did not want to have to say this, but I will not take anyone's abuse, nor am I interested in arguing,” she wrote on Monday.

“I will block anyone who sends any such message and/or comments on any of my posts.”

Ms Kay has since opted to share her findings on her own private page instead of public groups following “heavy attacks and trolling” from other users.

In a post to her page on Friday she urged people to continue searching after she was told by a “spirit” that Theo “will be found”.

“They also showed me a news anchor on TV reporting such,” she wrote.

Several days earlier she had faced criticism for sharing a detailed post in the search group indicating that Broken Head was a vital search area after she had envisaged a “worn out” Theo who was surviving from drinking water from the land.

While some welcomed the help, others were skeptical and said it distracted attentions away from work authorities are conducting.

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