The unbelievable reason driver was fined $120

A woman has received a hefty $120 fine for breaking a lesser known car park rule.

The Sydney woman said she typically leaves her car window cracked about two-and-a-half centimetres on hot days.

But this week, she returned to her vehicle to find a penalty notice to the tune of $120.

She expressed her outrage to a local community group on Facebook, sharing a photo of the “ridiculous” fine in an angry post.

She had been caught out for the offence: “not lock doors secure windows (vehicle unattended)”.

More than 100 people joined in her fury in comments, some sharing how they too often left the windows down to prevent their car from becoming too hot.

The woman received this fine and was surprised the offence even existed. Source: Facebook

“What a dumbass fine. We all do it in the summer so we don’t suffocate the kids when we put them back in the car after a day out,” one person replied.

“That’s terrible. I leave my windows down all the time so the car doesn’t get so unbearably hot,” another said.

While many questioned the legitimacy of the fine, it is listed under NSW Road Rules 2014 as regulation 213 in section five.

“If the driver will be over three metres from the closest part of the vehicle and there is no-one left in the vehicle, the driver must:

“(a) if the windows of the vehicle can be secured, secure the windows immediately before leaving the vehicle, and (b) if the doors of the vehicle can be locked, lock the doors immediately after leaving the vehicle.

Windows are allowed to be left open if the gap does not exceed two centimetres.

The woman was shocked and outraged police fined her for leaving her window down. Source: File/Getty Image

Still, many thought it was a sly “revenue raising” plight from the NSW government.

“Wow, they mustn’t have reached their quota for the day,” someone wrote.

“And the irony of the law description stating it is in place to 'protect the public from theft'.....fining the public for this is in essence theft of the public,” another said.

Some were in agreement with the law, and encouraged authorities in their policing of it, citing concern for rising rates of car theft.

“I guess it’s the police showing they are being pro-active with all the recent car brake in complaints - leaving a window open is just an invite to young punks to break in and steal or cause damage to the car,” one person said.

Others thought there was something suss about the appearance of the letter, and encouraged the woman to double check she was not being targeted by fraudsters.

NSW Police told Yahoo News Australia “if the woman is concerned about the fine, she should visit her local police station to discuss”.

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