The Talk - Sheryl Underwood's Emotional Response to Patient Dumping Viral Video: 'I am ashamed as an American'

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Responding to a disturbing viral video of a Baltimore hospital dumping a patient at a bus stop in freezing cold weather, Sheryl Underwood fights back tears, saying, "I'm crying because I'm just so ashamed right now, as an American to see this happen to another American... and I am ashamed and I'm saddened because I know this is not the healthcare system. I know this is not the everyday workers that work hard to save people's lives and give them comfort and where have we gotten so callous; where have we lost our compassion? Where is the God in us to do something for somebody else?... She was in your hospital, and you dumped her on the bus stop in front of your hospital!" Underwood continues, "For me, I would hope we become more compassionate toward each other, whether we know each other or not, whether we look alike, whether we're the same race, sexual orientation, or anything, this is the time for us to start loving each other."