The Summit winner reveals surprising plans with $250k prize money

EXCLUSIVE: Isaac Compton shares how he plans on spending the cash.

After a whirlwind season full of twists and turns, The Summit Australia came to an end on Sunday night with three winners claiming a share of the $490,000 prize money.

Isaac Compton won a whopping $250,000, while runner-up Brooke Kilowsky took home $150,000 and Lulu Hawton received $90,000.

The Summit's Brooke Kilowsky, Isaac Compton and Lulu Hawton.
Three people won The Summit Australia and took home a share of the $490,000 prize money. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Isaac reveals he has a number of exciting ideas on how he will spend the life-changing amount of money.

“I promised my mother a kitchen that she's been talking about for four or five years, so I’m going to do that and help my dad out too,” he says.

“I think I’m going to do a little bit of travel and go explore the world and Australia, and I’ll most likely invest the money into a house or something like that.”


Isaac, who describes himself as a “struggling musician” from Dubbo, says it feels “surreal” that he won the show and the huge prize.

“We never had money growing up,” he shares. “Money is a rare thing to really have and I think just knowing that there's got to be that financial stability is a sense of relief.

“I actually became really emotional again when watching it last night. A bunch of us from the show got together down in Melbourne and watched the last episode and those emotions came back of that feeling of what it was like being there. This show changed my life.”

The Summit's Isaac Compton.
Isaac says the Channel Nine reality show has changed his life. Photo: Channel Nine

Why Isaac signed up for The Summit

The 36-year-old explains that he decided to sign up for the brand new reality TV format because he wanted to challenge himself and “do something different”.

“When we were all locked down in Covid, I was pretty much stuck in a routine, I was very comfortable,” he details. “And then once the world opened up again I said, I’m gonna start doing different things and living my life because it had been taken away from us all.

“And this opportunity came up and I was like, I haven’t been to New Zealand before, so let’s go!”


Now that he’s conquered The Summit, Isaac says he’d love to compete in a similar reality TV competition.

“Give me a crack at Survivor, I want a shot at it!” he exclaims. “I would love to have a turn playing Survivor.

“What I took away from The Summit was, it sounds so cliché, but if you put your mind to something, you can literally do anything, because your mind gives up before your body does. Your body can be pushed to some extreme limits.”

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