The insane GoT subplot we missed entirely

All the burning flames flying around last night seem to have temporarily blinded Game of Thrones fans, because a shocking sub-plot that could have altered the entire show went completely unnoticed.

For those that haven’t seen the episode, you shouldn’t be here and you certainly shouldn’t read on.

WARNING: Spoilers

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Dany’s brutal execution of Varys really kicked off an episode that went full Game of Thrones with a horror-movie level of gore.

But did you realise that Varys wasn’t being executed for gossiping, but rather for attempting to kill Daenerys?

If you just spat out your goblet of wine, you’re not alone, it’s a detail that many feel was glossed over with only the vaguest of dialogues revealing the plan.

Varys never minced his words when it came to Jon’s claim; he thought he was a better and more worthy candidate for the Iron Throne than Daenerys, and he wasn’t scared to take drastic action and face the consequences.

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Remember when Varys was writing that letter announcing Jon’s true identity and then that cute servant girl came in for a chat?

If you don’t, it went something like this.

The servant girl says Dany won’t eat, to which Varys replies, "We’ll try again at supper.”

He then reminds her of an old adage, “What have I told you, Martha?”

"The bigger the risk, the bigger reward,” the girl replies.

Guys, they’re talking about poisoning Dany and now we see it, it’s embarrassingly obvious.

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Why does Varys care about Dany’s eating habits? Well, poison needs to be ingested, for one.

And, what else would he be getting a servant girl from the kitchen to do?

If Dany has locked herself away, she’s hardly going to be conducting important dialogues the girl can eavesdrop on is she?

Nope that girl was definitely there to poison her, we were just distracted by Dany looking all crazy.

Was Varys plotting to poison Dany? Photo: HBO

It also explains why Varys was executed, while Tyrion escaped unscathed when they both passed on the information.

He wasn’t burnt for talking about Jon’s identity, he was burnt for an attempt on the Queen’s life.

It’s also a move that was foretold way back in season one, when Ned Stark is trying to unravel the mystery of King Robert’s poisoning.

“I’ve heard it said that poison is a woman’s weapon,” Ned says to Maester Pycelle.

“Yes, women, cravens, and eunuchs. Did you know that Lord Varys is a eunuch?” Pycelle replies.

With the way things panned out, quite a few fans are sure to be wishing that Varys’ plan had come off, because boy did he call it.

The feelings are best summed up by this Twitter user:

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