The sinister truth behind this woman's baby bump

A woman has been busted trying to smuggle marijuana inside a fake baby bump.

She was travelling with about four kilograms of cannabis disguised beneath a skin-tight shirt on a long-distance bus bound for Santa Oliva in Pentagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile.

Police discovered the synthetic bump during a police check, with their attention initially drawn to a man she was travelling with who was in possession of a small bag of weed, news18 reported.

On closer inspection, the woman was found to be concealing 15 bricks of marijuana inside her fake bump.

Argentina's Minister for Security Patricia Bullrich Tweeted images of the woman's stomach, and the marijuana bricks. Source: Twitter/Patricia Bullrich

According to Argentina’s Minister for Security Patricia Bullrich, the couple were trying to get from Mendoza to Santa Cruz with their stash.

Ms Bullrich described the incident a “narco pregnancy” in a post to Twitter, where she also shared photos the fake bump and blocks of cannabis.

The duo were arrested by police, news18 confirmed.

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