The shocking amount Kyle Sandilands is 'fined' for each sick day by KIIS FM

The radio host told listeners he receives a 'ridiculously big fine' if he calls in sick.

Kyle Sandilands has revealed he is fined by radio bosses at KIIS FM every time he takes a sick day, following years of boasting about chucking fake ‘sickies’.

The shock jock, who has been suffering from the flu over the past week, told his co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on Tuesday morning that he only came into work that day to avoid the big financial loss.

Kyle Sandilands speaking on the radio.
Kyle Sandilands has revealed he receives a 'ridiculously big fine' from KIIS FM every time he takes a sick day. Photo: KIIS

“I’m ill, [but] I have to be here for the ridiculously big fine the company give me if I dare be sick. What other job fines someone for not showing up to work sick?” Kyle said after Jackie pointed out he was sweating.

Kyle reportedly makes $7-8 million a year co-hosting the show, which works out to approximately $39,000 for each four-hour broadcast.

In 2021, suggested this is the amount he is allegedly fined for each sick day he takes and misses the daily show.


Kyle also revealed in 2021 that he had lost over $250,000 that year alone after racking up endless sick days.

“You know how you get sick days every year? My accountant told me that I’m over … all before February,” he said on-air at the time.

“Then the fines system that they put in place here for me [starts]. Anyway … I realised that about a quarter of a million dollars had been pissed away for nothing.”

On Wednesday morning, Kyle told listeners he was still sick but battling through the illness while broadcasting from his home studio.

Kyle and Jackie O.
Kyle reportedly makes $7-8 million a year co-hosting the radio show. Photo: KIIS

This comes shortly after Kyle revealed that he had spent a whopping $25,000 on his son Otto’s first birthday party.

The 52-year-old explained that the event was being planned by a children’s party specialist and that his wife, Tegan Kynaston, had also bought an array of things including lollies, plates, and “weird tablecloths” that added to the bill.


Kyle and Tegan married earlier this year in a lavish $1 million event in Darling Point in Sydney, followed by a $500,000 honeymoon in Europe.

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