The Project's Hamish Macdonald marries Jacob Fitzroy: 'Gorgeous'

The Project host beamed as he donned a kilt for his big day.

The Project host Hamish MacDonald has married his long-term partner, Jacob Fitzroy, in a stunning ceremony.

Hamish and Jacob, who made their relationship public in 2019, looked absolutely smitten with each other as they beamed for the camera on their special day.

Hamish Macdonald on his wedding day
Hamish Macdonald has married his long-term love, Jacob Fitzroy. Photo: Channel 10

His fellow The Project hosts announced the happy news on the show on Sunday night, with Georgie Tunny saying: “Don’t they both just look stupidly handsome and so gorgeous and we are so thrilled for them. They could not look more in love, look at them”.

Hamish donned a traditional Scottish kilt, which he matched with a navy suit jacket and a bow tie.


Meanwhile, Jacob looked dapper in a black suit and white bow tie. Photos show the pair smiling from ear-to-ear as they walk down the aisle covered in falling confetti.

Another snap shows the couple embracing, while the final photo shows them looking adoringly into each other’s eyes.

Jacob Fitzroy and Hamish Macdonald on their wedding day
Hamish and Jacob made their relationship public in 2019. Photo: Channel 10
Hamish Macdonald and Jacob Fitzroy married
The couple looked smitten on their big day. Photo: Channel 10

Hamish and Jacob first made their relationship public in 2019, when the journalist uploaded a snap of them both sitting on the beach together at Freycinet National Park in Tasmania.

“Favourite human,” Hamish wrote in the caption, beside a leaf emoji.

A few days earlier, he also posted a snap with Jacob and his family around Easter time, at Tamarama beach in Sydney.

Speaking on The Project about their relationship in the past, Hamish teared up as he gushed over Jacob.

“He's my best friend and I just feel tremendously lucky to share our lives together,' he said.

"He's... I got a bit emotional. He's really the best person I know. He makes life pretty fun. I didn't know such happiness was possible."

Fans commented on The Project's Instagram page, with oner person saying: "Gorgeous".

"This is everything," another person said, while a commenter wrote: "YES YES YES finally! [I'm] so happy for you".

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