The Project host slams 'mean-spirited' Aussies after election result

Sarah Carty
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The Project host Meshel Laurie has taken to Twitter to vent her anger after the Liberals swooped a surprise victory in the election. Photo: Channel 10

One of The Project’s hosts, Meshel Laurie, has taken to Twitter to vent her anger after the Liberals swooped a surprise victory in the election.

“Australians are dumb, mean-spirited and greedy. Accept it,” Meshel tweeted out to her 59,000 followers on Saturday night after Scott Morrison claimed victory.

“The only thing left to look forward to in a AUSTRALIA is Shadenfreude,” she continued, referring to the German word which means to take pleasure from other people’s misfortune.

But not all of Meshel’s followers agreed with her sentiments, with one person saying: “Labor got greedy with too much tax - be honest with one likes Shorten.”

Meshel hit back by tweeting: “Tax pays for everything outside your house genius. It pays for the hospital you’ll die in one day.”

When one follower pointed out that the ‘Buddhist in her’ should stop her from writing that tweet, she responded saying: “The Buddhist in me must accept reality and feel compassion anyway. It’s harder some days than others.”

Just weeks ago, Meshel opened up about her recent ‘year from hell’ which has so-far been dominated by financial woes and online trolling.

The media personality also revealed her reasons for stepping back from both breakfast radio and The Project, amid worsening personal battles.

“(In) early 2019, I was in a situation where I was having a breakdown basically,” she told McKnight Tonight.

“I was drinking heavily every night (and) tweeting, a hideous combination.”

The 45-year-old went on to explain how she became ‘manic’ for a period, a feeling which was spurred on by the baring the responsibility of caring for her dying father.

This pressure ultimately led to Meshel quitting her lucrative breakfast radio gig as she ‘couldn’t cope’.

She also decided to take a step back her role as a panellist on The Project.

'I'd worked hard for a long time and I'd always enjoyed [working in the media] but I just hit a wall, you know?' she said.

Meshel Laurie wasn't happy with the election results. Photo: Getty Images

This worry was compounded by an increasing reliance on alcohol and the questionable online behaviour which it spurred on.

“I'm laughing because it's so insane [but] I'd literally be in my bath drinking red wine tweeting obscenities at the Prime Minister!” she said.

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