The pregnancy announcement that has left people 'gagging'

A cake announcing a pregnancy has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons.

“This is such a waste of cake, I’m gagging,” one person said.

The photo was posted in a Facebook group dedicated to ‘cake fails’ and on first glance some people thought it looked like a regular cake announcing a pregnancy.

The cake featured white icing with blue cursive writing that read ‘We’re pregnant’ but it was the unusual cake topper that left people asking “who is the baker that said ok to this?”

The cake decorator decided to be practical and used a positive at home pregnancy test as the ‘cherry on top of the cake’.

“Gives new meaning to urinal cake,” one person responded.

Someone with a sweet tooth insisted the cake was still edible.

“Cut that piece off, the rest is good, never waste cake,” she said.

The unusual decoration of a used positive pregnancy test started a hilarious debate over if the cake was still edible. Source: Facebook/Well, That’s Certainly A Cake Wreck

Hundreds of people responded, most of them deciding to pass on a slice of the cake.

“Not deliberately consuming bodily fluids is pretty high on my priority list,” someone said.

One hopeful thinker suggested it may be a talented decorator and not the real thing.

“Maybe the pregnancy stick is just very realistic fondant?” a Facebook user asked.

One parent pointed out that being a new parent can get a little messy but even that wasn’t enough to entice her to try a cake decorated with a used pregnancy test.

“I’m a mum to five children, so I’ve seen more bodily fluids than I ever needed to and still wouldn’t put something I peed on near food,” she insisted.

One excited new parent took her pregnancy announcement to the next level by using the positive pregnancy test as a cake topper. Source: Getty stock

Others suggested that the baker may have cleaned the used dipstick before using it as a decoration but most people were still turned off by the thought.

“No one wants to wonder about how well you cleaned your pee up when they're contemplating a bite of cake, that is nasty,” she wrote.

“I don't trust the hygiene habits of anyone who thinks this is a good idea,” another person added.

Clean or not, one person thought there were much better ways to celebrate a pregnancy.

“There are a ton of other props better than a pee stick,” another person said.

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