The new feature at Woolworths self-serve checkouts to stop thefts

Woolworths are cracking down on shoplifters taking advantage of self-service checkouts by using the same technology used to weigh fresh produce.

The supermarket giant told Yahoo News Australia it would be turning on the scales in bagging areas to identify incorrectly scanned items by weight.

The measure comes a month after the grocery chain announced the installation of new security cameras and screens above self-scan registers in their Gregory Hills location, in southwestern Sydney.

The scales will be turned on in bagging areas at self-serve registers. Source: AAP

Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia the new security measure would also benefit honest customers who mistakenly scan items incorrectly and were overcharged.

“From time to time we see customers scan the wrong items, so we’ve turned on weigh scales to help shoppers validate the right items are going through.”

The new tactic is being rolled out progressively across Australian stores.

Woolworths said most customers have no trouble scanning the right items. Source: Getty

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