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The Iconic partners with AirRobe so you can rent or resell clothes

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The Iconic website shown on a laptop. Source: Supplied
The Iconic has launched an innovatie program to make their fashions more sustainable. Source: Supplied

The Iconic is one the largest marketplaces for Australian fashion and accessories.

The online superstore is known for its massive range of international and Aussie brands, same-day delivery, and offering us all the cutting-edge fashion trends.

And it gets better. They’ve only gone and given you another excuse for an online shopping spree (as if we needed any more reasons) by announcing their new partnership with "re-commerce" pre-loved market AirRobe.

A man and woman modelling for the The Iconic x AirRobe collaboration. Source: Supplied
The Iconic is partnering with AirRobe to create help shoppers create a more sustainable wardrobe. Source: Supplied

With this groundbreaking collaboration, customers can use the AirRobe widget when shopping via The Iconic to resell or rent their clothing at a later date.

The brand spanking new AirRobe feature is currently rolling out across The Iconic website and is available for all Australian and New Zealand customers.


The Iconic introduces a new sustainable way to shop

The Iconic and AirRobe partnership is all about reducing your fashion footprint by creating a circular wardrobe where others can benefit from your lush style choices.

Erica Berchtold, The Iconic’s CEO, says the two brands have gotten together to "accelerate the circular fashion movement".

"This provides Iconic customers with a seamless solution to shop more responsibly, extend the life cycle of their pre-loved fashion items and reduce the overall cost of their garments,” Ms Berchtold said.

This game-changer is part of The Iconic’s deliverables as outlined in their 2022 Sustainability Strategy.

“[The Iconic is] becoming the most planet positive retailer in ANZ,” Ms Berchtold said.

The Iconic has been vocal about its stance on sustainability for years now, and the online warehouse continues improving its ethical practices.

A blazer, boots and pants, all available via The Iconic x AirRobe. Source: Supplied
The new initiative allows shoppers to resell or rent any of The Iconic's clothes or shoes on AirRobe. Source: Supplied

Australians have recently become more aware of the carbon footprint that fast fashion has on the world, and because of that, they’ve been wanting more environmentally friendly options.

We’ve been loving brands taking steps to become more sustainable, which is why we’re thrilled our favourite online store has jumped on board.

The Iconic x AirRobe offers you the opportunity to turn your favourite brands into a recyclable wardrobe. That’s spreading the love, right?

Getting started with AirRobe

Let’s break down the deets: Shop as usual.

When you go to purchase your new summer wardrobe, a pop-up (right by where you choose your size) will ask you if you want to add it to your AirRobe circular wardrobe.

Simply confirm, and then when you’ve finished with your new outfit, you can list it in your AirRobe account with one click.

All the product information will be pre-filled, and you can rent or sell just like that!

That’s right - all the boring bits are done for you. Even better, no more hair-pulling, heart-rate-raising Facebook marketplace interactions. Phew!

Two models wearing outfits they can resell with The Iconic x AirRobe partnership. Source: Supplied
The Iconic x AirRobe partnership allows you to minimise your fashion footprint. Source: Supplied

The Iconic x AirRobe can be used for clothes, shoes and specific accessories, and right now you can only access it via their website (though we're pretty sure the app will roll this out soon).

AirRobe lets you rent or re-sell your gently used apparel.

What is the environmental impact of this?

Every time you resell via AirRobe, you’ll get to see how much textile waste, water and CO2 emissions you’re doing your part to save.

On average, this is 19kg of CO2, 2kg of textile waste and a whopping 95 litres of water!!

It would almost be a crime not to pick up those boots you’ve been lusting over for weeks - you're saving the planet by buying these, right? AirRobe's motto, which we can totally get behind, is: Shop good, do good, feel good.

Hannon Comazzetto, founder and CEO of AirRobe, said: “With AirRobe, shoppers never have to go through a manual listing process for reselling their pre-loved fashion again".

"We are thrilled to partner with Australia’s leading online retailer, The Iconic.”

Happy shopping!

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