The free goodie bag every new Aussie parent should know about: 'How have I not heard of this?'

Parenting just got a little bit easier with one game-changing piece of intel from a new mum.

Parenthood comes with its own set of joys and challenges, and as a new or expectant parent, getting your hands on some valuable resources can make the journey a lot smoother.

But did you know there's a little-known treasure trove of freebies and helpful information available to new families, completely free of charge? It's called the Bounty Bag, and it's an absolute game-changer in the nebulous days of early parenting.

Expecting mum Sarah shared the loot from her free Bounty Bag on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@dreamwithsarah
Expecting mum Sarah shared the loot from her free Bounty Bag on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@dreamwithsarah

Recently, TikToker and expectant mum @dreamwithsarah shared this parenting hack with her followers. The clip, which has has been viewed almost 200K times, served as an eye-opener for countless parents who had been in the dark about this essential resource that many simply had no idea existed, let alone how to get their hands on one.


In the footage, Sarah showed both the New-Parent and Parent-to-Be Bounty Bags she collected simultaneously from her local pharmacy, advising, "if you are expecting a baby or have just had a new baby, make sure you go to your local chemist and pick up your bounty bag."

But what exactly is inside the bags?

Sarah gave her followers a sneak peek, saying, "basically, it’s filled with a whole range of different samples of products that they sell at the chemist, as well as product information, and there’s a few other goodies as well."

She went on to share the array of treasures in her Parent-to-Be Bounty Bag, including cocoa butter samples, SUDO cream, nappy samples, and even a full container of calcium bone care tablets. In fact, the bags include samples from many big name baby brands like Gaia, Infacol, Medela, Tommee Tippee and Huggies to name but a few.

Judging by the response, it seems many expectant and new parents are unaware these Bounty Bags, with an annual distribution ranging from 210,000 to 240,000 for each type, are readily available, free of charge, at their local chemist. Most, if they knew of them at all, assumed they were only distributed at doctor's appointments or hospitals.

Bounty Bags can be collected at your local pharmacy as well as GP office, OBGYN, hospital or ultrasound clinic. Photo: TikTok/@dreamwithsarah
Bounty Bags can be collected at your local pharmacy as well as you GPs office, OBGYN, hospital or ultrasound clinic. Photo: TikTok/@dreamwithsarah

The revelation sparked a flurry of comments from surprised parents.

One wrote, "Wahhh, how have I not heard of this before?" While another chimed in, "Crazy coz they've been doing this for so many years, at least 10 years, but people still don't know about them. I collected so many."

The TikTok creator herself expressed amazement, "I’m surprised people don’t know!" with another user adding, "I'm in Brisbane and never heard of this and didn't get one when I had a new baby. Thanks for letting me know about this for next time."

Now, let's dive into the specifics:

The Parent-to-Be Bounty Bag

Typically offered to women at 12-14 weeks pregnant, this bag is available at maternity hospitals, GPs, obstetricians, ultrasound clinics, and yes, pharmacies too.

It's loaded with product samples, advice, information, and support tailored to this exciting life stage. Plus, each bag includes "Bump to Birth," a mini magazine filled with valuable insights and tips from the Bounty Parents team.

Importantly, all bag contents comply with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Code and SIDS guidelines, and support breastfeeding.

The New Parent Bounty Bag

Designed for new mums and their little ones, this bag is distributed by midwives and Bounty representatives in hospitals nationwide, and can also be collected at participating pharmacies.

It's a one-stop shop for new parents navigating the early stages of parenthood.

How to Get Your Bounty Bag

There's no set date or specific appointment required. Just walk into your local chemist or enquire at your prenatal appointments, maternity hospital, pharmacy, GP, obstetrician or ultrasound clinic.

Bounty Bag told Yahoo Lifestyle "there’s no timeline around when you have to collect them by".

"They are free to all expecting/parents and if they are not offered them, people can ask their pregnancy care providers if they have stock.

"Inside each bag you’ll find relevant sample sized and full size products (nappy cream, nappies, breast pads, a toy/teether, and disposable undies, for example), discount codes, special offers and a mini mag called Bump to Birth."

Check out the full list of pharmacy stockists.

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