The ‘creepy’ find inside man's car - but police say it’s not illegal

The inside of a man’s minivan raised major alarm bells after a woman spotted dozens of images of scantily clad teen girls stuck to its dashboard and steering wheel.

Stefanie LeBron saw the crude photos inside a grey Dodge Grand Caravan parked outside a shopping centre in Edison, in the US state of New Jersey, on November 2.

Filled with rage, she photographed what she saw and reported the man to police, according to a post she wrote to Facebook.

“There were pictures of these young teenage girls all over his dashboard...just like the steering wheel. As well as both of his visors and basically anywhere there was room to put them up,” she wrote.

“If you look you see some of the same girls, some not.”

Photos or dozens of women are shown plastered throughout the interior of the Grand Caravan. Source: Facebook/Stefanie LeBron

She urged parents in the area to keep their eyes peeled and not “let your girls wander the streets alone or even with friends past a certain time”.

“Who knows what his intentions are,” she added.

Police conducted a subsequent investigation, but officers realised there was nothing they could do as the man was not actually breaking any laws, according to

“Our police department received this report. Our detective bureau investigated it, but found no indication of criminal intent or criminal activity,” Edison police Lt Robert Dudash said in a statement.

Ms LeBron said she wanted to confront the man herself but her grandma, who she was with at the time, yelled at her not to.

Despite not being able to charge the man with an offence, police still encouraged members of the public to report suspicious behaviour.

“Police rely on, and appreciate, people who come forward to report suspicious activities they observe,” the police department said.

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