The city where jogging and cycling have been banned

Nadine Carroll
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French authorities have introduced more limitations to the already strict lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Parisians have now been banned from jogging and all outdoor sporting activities between the hours of 10am and 7pm from Wednesday (local time).

Residents in France have been confined to their homes since March 17 to stem the spread of coronavirus and is likely to extend the lockdown past its original end date of April 15.

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people jogging in Paris while police on horseback look on
Paris authorities have banned jogging and all outdoor sporting activities between the hours of 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. Source: AAP

The move to ban excessive outdoor sports came after many French politicians and doctors expressed dismay at the fact the streets of Paris still featured people jogging or congregating despite government orders to get people to stay in as much as possible.

Paris's deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said on Twitter the decision was based off feedback from health services and police.

"There are too many people out at the same time and too many joggers at peak times. Nothing is perfect, the aim is to limit risks by limiting overcrowding rather than a general ban,” Mr Gregoire wrote.

Paris has already closed public parks as part of the nationwide lockdown that requires people to carry a document justifying any reason for leaving home.

Those caught without the document risk a fine starting at 135 euros ($239).

A Paris resident jogging during the lockdown while police on horseback watch
Parisians can now only exercise outside of their home for one hour each day and can only venture up to 1km from their home. Source: Reuters

Outdoor exercise limited

Under the new rules Paris residents can only exercise outside of their home for one hour each day and can only venture up to 1km away from their home address when doing so.

All group sports have been banned and cycling has been banned completely unless the person is cycling to work, to seek health advice or to buy groceries.

Popular Paris walking routes such such as the pathways along the Seine and the Bois de Vincennes have also been closed off completely.

Cycling has been banned in Paris, as well as jogging during the day.
Cycling has been banned in Paris unless a resident is travelling to work, the grocery store or to see a doctor. Source: AAP

Mr Gregoire tweeted the ban during day-time hours was to ensure people were only exercising outdoors while streets were generally quieter.

"We are banning jogging during the day not leaving the house," Mr Gregoire wrote.

"Children must, exceptionally, be able to leave the home a little during the day, the same for animals. The objective is to avoid peaks (of joggers) at the end of the morning and in the afternoon.”

The coronavirus death toll in France has surpassed 10,300 people, the fourth highest in the world, according to Johns Hopkins data.

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