The Chase slammed over 'harsh' question to blind contestant

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Popular game show The Chase has been criticised for a “harsh” question asked to a contestant.

Josh, an astrophysics student, was in a team with three others in an episode of the UK version of the show which aired on Monday (local time).

He was put up against Mark “The Beast” Labbett for a $9300 prize.

Josh was asked by the host: “At the start of a snooker frame, which ball is placed furthest from the frame?”

While it might be a simple question for some people to answer, Josh is blind. 

Pink, black and blue were the answers offered. Josh selected pink.

“I don’t know much about snooker but I think the pink ball is one of the first ones you have to pot,” he said.

“So it would kind of make sense for me that it would be furthest away.”

Josh, who is blind, appears on an episode of The Chase. Also pictured is Mark 'The Beast' Labbett.
Viewers think it's unfair Josh (left) was asked a visual question on The Chase given he is blind. Source: ITV

Unfortunately, the correct answer is black which The Beast answered correctly.

Viewers weren’t impressed Josh was asked the question though given his visual impairment.

One man tweeted the question was “shocking” to ask Josh.

“Asking a blind bloke about snooker ball colours on The Chase is a bit harsh,” another man tweeted.

Another man tweeted that the question posed was “hard to believe”.

“I really hope it’s a random selection,” he tweeted.

In most cases on game shows, questions are randomly generated.

Still, in this case, it had people suggesting the question could have been changed given the contestant’s disadvantage.

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