Outrage over Channel 7's major game show gaffe

Penny Burfitt
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Andrew O'Keefe host of The Chase which suffered an embarassing fail last night. Photo: Seven

Viewers were left outraged on Thursday evening when a tense final round of quiz show The Chase was abruptly cut short before viewers were able to see the results.

The major gaffe saw a news bulletin cut into the show’s final round in which the winner is announced before the results were announced.

With $18,000 on the line as one man squared up to super nerd Issa Schultz, the 6pm news cut across the scene in the crucial moments, replacing the result with the headlines.

Viewers were furious after waiting on tenterhooks for the program’s results and took to Twitter to complain.

Issa Schultz's battle with one man was cut off by the bulletin. Photo: Seven

Furious viewers complain

“Just spent an hour watching The Chase Australia, to have it cut off during the final chase for the 6 o’clock news!! Thanks a lot!” one wrote.

“Someone working at Channel 7 has majorly screwed up,” another agreed.

They werre’t alone in feeling miffed at the network’s error, either with others also taking to the internet to air their frustrations.

It wasn’t just the early finish that had viewers raging however, others reported an editing fail that saw the ad breaks cut to footage of the same contestant on three occasions in Adelaide.

“The same part of The Chase Australia keeps repeating after every ad break,” one person wrote.

“Wtf is going on with (Channel 7 Adelaide’s) The Chase Australia episode, I know they are mostly repeats but they've played the same contestant 3 times now after each advert break,” another also reported.

The major gaffe comes after the network told ACMA “a number of teething problems (have) occurred in the transition to the new operations.”

TV Tonight reports Seven moved its entire playout function from Melbourne to a new National Playout Centre in Sydney (the NPC) hence the issues.

The gaffe comes after Andrew O’Keefe stepped back to focus on his mental health last month, and Seven decided to halt production of The Chase for the remainder of the year.

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