The Block's Leah calls out Kristy's 'plan to mess with Steph' on the show

Leah has admitted she wasn't entirely aware of how Kristy was treating Steph during filming.

From early morning coffees and shopping dates to late-night dinners and gossip sessions, Leah and Kristy have become inseparable on this year’s season of The Block.

The pair instantly connected on day one of the renovation competition and quickly formed a tight-knit group with their husbands, which unknowingly created a divide amongst the cast.

The Block’s Kristy and Leah.
The Block’s Leah has criticised her friend Kristy over the way she treated Steph during Master Bedroom week. Photos: Channel Nine

While fans have since labelled the pair as this season’s “mean girls” over some hard-to-watch scenes with their co-stars, it appears the fast friends don’t always agree with each other’s actions on the reality show.


Leah told Woman’s Day this week that watching the series “in real time” has shown her a different side to Kristy, especially after she admitted on camera that she intentionally ‘sabotaged’ Steph and Gian’s build.

“I did not know Kristy actively had a plan to mess with Steph,” Leah told the publication.

“I don’t know if this was a discussed joke or a serious gameplay for Kristy. If it was serious, then I do hope Kristy took some time to admit and discuss this with Steph.”

 The Block's Steph and Gian.
Kristy admitted on camera that she intentionally ‘sabotaged’ Steph and Gian’s build. Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy's 'game plan'

Kristy was criticised on social media during Master Bedroom week after she suggested Steph add beams to her bedroom ceiling, even though she knew they would contradict the beams downstairs.

“Steph is very easy to get into her head. I can easily suggest something as a throwaway comment and it will eat her away and I did that,” she said on the show.

“Let's not forget that this is a game and if anyone doesn't think it wasn't a game plan to be friendly at the beginning, they’re underestimating us.”

Kristy has since told TV WEEK that while she would occasionally say things to Steph to make her doubt herself, it was never with any malice.

“So light-heartedly, I would just mess with her sometimes, like stir the pot and just chuck a little bomb here and there,” she said. “It would rattle her a little bit.

“That's literally all I did and walked away. Then we were sitting in our lounge room, her plasterers came in and they were like, ‘Yeah thanks for that Kristy. You've made Steph review our whole thing and we've got to work overnight now’.”

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