The Block viewers left baffled by 'hideous' winning living and dining room

Fans of The Block are furiously calling out the judges' scores of this weeks room reveals.

The Block viewers have been left scratching their heads over last night’s winning room reveal, with Leah and Ash’s uniquely designed home scoring a 10 from one of the judges.

Leah and Ash splashed the cash on their room after winning not only last week’s room reveal but also a Best on Block award and a challenge, pouring $38,209 into their living and dining space this week.

Leah and Ash from The Block
The Block's Leah and Ash took out the win last night. Photo: Nine

And it certainly paid off for the divisive pair, who nabbed a near-perfect 29/30 score from the three judges for their bold aesthetic.

While the judges were thrilled with the result and Shaynna even called the room ‘phenomenal’, many viewers weren’t impressed with the space at all.

After posting the winning pictures to The Block’s Instagram page, the comments came in in droves from furious viewers flabbergasted over Neale Whitaker’s score of 10.


“How the hell does that get a 10! Not only hideous but the dining table and the couch were far too small. Something fishy going on,” one person wrote.

“That round bullseye art looks like it’s from the 2 dollar shop. everything about this room looks cheap! sorry,” another person wrote.

“Cheap & tacky styling nothing high-end about that house,” another person said, with a commenter saying: “What a joke.”

The Block winning living and dining room 2023
The couple's unique design won over the judges. Photo: Nine

One person wrote: “This makes me think of a boutique hotel lobby - at best. Def NOT a home. Which is where you go to relax so needs warmth, sophistication and LAYERS of luxury. Their room was one-dimensional, incredibly uncomfortable, & barely functional. If you're going to sacrifice some function, at least make it beautiful like Ronnie & Georgia did. This is just not a home.”

Others criticized the judges for their scores not matching up to their comments, with one person writing: “Couldn’t get comfortable in Steph and Guam’s room, but could happily sit on that uncomfortable couch in house 2??? Seriously….give me a break.”

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The Block Leah and Ash's living room
Shaynna Blaze said she imagined wealthy buyers would lap up the aesthetic. Photo: Nine

'Toxic behaviour' takes over

The room reveals come after fans of The Block slammed this year’s season of the reality series for focusing too much on the contestants’ “toxic behaviour” rather than their renovations.

Viewers on Reddit claimed they're finding it hard to watch the show this year due to the "snarky comments and bullying".

Others agreed that the drama is “tiring” and they prefer to watch the show online so they have the ability to “skip through all the toxicity”.

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