The Block fans divided after cast get 'ridiculous' matching tattoos: 'Stupid'

One viewer described the tattoos as 'terrible', while another said they were 'cute'.

They might not have all gotten along while filming this year's season of The Block, but the 2023 cast came together during Tuesday night’s episode in quite a surprising way.

Amidst the chaos of front yard week, the five teams all decided to get matching tattoos to commemorate their shared experience on the renovation reality show.

The Block's Ash getting a tattoo / Gian and Liberty showing off their matching tattoos.
The Block cast got matching tattoos during Tuesday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

“Early in the piece we discussed that it would be a great idea to all get something Block-related tattooed,” Brett explained. “There were a few hesitant people at first.”

Gian, who admitted to being “on edge” about the idea because he has “the lowest pain threshold”, was the first to get a tattoo.


He and his wife Steph, sisters Eliza and Liberty, partners Kyle and Leslie, and frenemies Kristy and Leah all got small outlines of a house inked on their wrists.

“I’ve never had a tattoo in my life,” Leah said. “My mum has always said if I got a tattoo she would cheese grate it off.”

The Block cast showing off their matching house tattoos.
‘It’s something that we’ve all got together which bonds us over this crazy, effed up experience.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Meanwhile, tattoo connoisseur Brett got a much larger red house printed on his elbow, and Ash got what Kristy described as “the most bogan one of all”.

His tattoo said ‘YT BLOCK’ on his bicep, which Leah explained meant “Yeah The Block”.

“The beautiful thing about it was every single contestant got one,” Liberty remarked. “So it’s something that we’ve all got together which bonds us over this crazy, effed-up experience.”

The Block's Ash showing off his 'YT BLOCK' tattoo / Kristy and Brett showing off their tattoos.
Ash and Brett got much larger tattoos than their co-stars. Photo: Channel Nine


Viewers on social media were divided about the matching tattoos, with one person commenting that it was a “stupid” idea.

“That looks ridiculous, why even bother,” another added, while a third replied, “I'm sure they won't regret that ever!”.

“After all the nastiness across the board - once they watch what we're watching - there will be a lot of tattoo laser removal treatments happening,” someone else remarked.

“They looked terrible actually, all looked crooked,” a different user wrote, while another said, “The last thing in the world that I'd do is get a tatt just coz 'the gang' are getting one”.

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However, a handful of people argued that it was a great way to celebrate everything they’ve been through together.

“I think it’s a really cute idea. This experience will be life-changing for many of them,” one fan shared.


“It's so nice to see them united and enjoying their experience. This is what they should be promoting each season not the dramatics created by gossip,” someone else wrote.

“I’m not into tattoos at all but I thought it was a nice idea,” another viewer responded. “It is an experience of a lifetime going on The Block.”

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