'That's just Fletch': Persistent dog's 10-year tradition to get his daily bone

Dogs are universally known for their unwavering loyalty… it’s just usually not to their local butcher.

Meet Fletcher, the Brisbane golden retriever who has been walking himself down to his local shops every day, rain, hail or shine, for the past ten years.

Same path, same time, the fiercely loyal customer waits outside the back door until he gets what he’s after.

“He wouldn’t go, so we gave him a bone and off he went,” Boutique Meats Owner Nick Cowen said.

“The next day he turned up again. Ten years later he’s still doing it.”

Fletch waits patiently for his beloved lamb. Image: 7News
Fletcher’s owner Maddie Ford said he will just disappear to get his daily bone. Image: 7News

Lamb is Fletcher’s choice of snack but after a decade of spoils, his adoring owner Maddie Ford had to tell his favourite butchers to go easy.

“We used to give him big bones, see how bigger bones we could give him but then Maddie came over and said he was getting too fat,” Mr Cowen added.

His dedication to the local often confuses shoppers who think he’s lost but his best mates are quick to explain “nah nah that’s just Fletch, he’s just come for a bone”.

Ever since he was a pup, Fletch has made it part of his daily routine to visit his local butcher. Image: 7News

These days Fletcher’s trip to the butcher takes a little longer. He has arthritis and his hearing isn’t what it used to be.

But don’t be fooled, his smell, sense of direction and appetite are still spot on.

“It’s the same thing all the time… he’ll just disappear,” Maddie laughed.