'That's why she can't drive': Smiling woman's racist road rage attack

A woman has been filmed smiling as she racially abuses an Asian American woman in a car park.

Selena Cairel, a Filipino American woman, was returning to the parking lot after buying donuts with friends in Portland, US when the woman launched her racist tirade.

“I normally don’t share anything around here but I’m very upset,” Ms Cairel posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I was out with some friends last night in Portland and had a terrible encounter with a girl who was saying the nastiest most racist thing possible.”

“I literally just got back to my car from getting some voodoo donuts and just wanted to go home.”

Ms Cairel was returning to her car after buying donuts, when a woman parked next to her said: “She’s Asian, she can’t see that’s why she can’t drive,” according to Ms Cairel.

The woman (pictured) spews racist abuse. Source: Facebook/Selena Cairel

Footage posted on Facebook shows the woman behind the wheel of a car, as she launches into a rant.

“Before you say anything you might want to make sure you’re actual legals,” the woman said.

“That you’re illegals crossing the border,” the woman said.

At this point, the woman leans over the steering wheel and smiles before continuing her attack.

“And your parents, probably had to work for f****** dirt just to get here,” the woman said.

“’Is this real life, like?” a voice from Ms Cairel’s car said.

Selena Cairel (pictured) is a Filipino American woman. Source: Facebook/Selena Cairel

“This is so much fun. So this is the kind of s*** I have to deal with in Portland,” Ms Cairel said off camera.

The video has been viewed over a million times on Facebook.

“I never let this pass and wanna make sure this kind of behaviour is seen and how people of colour encounter this all the time,” Ms Cairel said.

“I wanna make sure she gets seen and her racist, ignorant behaviour is exposed.”