Thai Hells Angels trial verdict due in Nov

Ron Corben

A Thai provincial court is expected to hand down its verdict in November against an Australian man accused of the murder of an Australian motorbike gang leader in Thailand last year, court officials say.

Antonio Bagnato, 26, has been facing court on charges of leading a gang of five foreigners to kill Hells Angels member Wayne Rodney Schneider, 37, in a dispute over money linked to drug trafficking.

Bagnato was arrested in a hotel in Phnom Penh after fleeing soon after his alleged involvement in the murder. Reports say Bagnato could face the death penalty.

Schneider was kidnapped in early December 2015 from his rented villa in the Thai seaside town of Pattaya, 150 kilometres from Bangkok.

Two days later his naked, tattooed body was found in a shallow, sandy grave in Sattahip Province in Chonburi, 30km away from his home.

Bagnato and 21-year-old American Tyler Joseph Fulton Sheen Gerard fled but the American was arrested at an immigration check point as he attempted to cross into Cambodia.

Thai police said Bagnato was the alleged mastermind behind the kidnapping and killing. Bagnato was charged with kidnapping and murder.

Schneider, a senior member of the Hells Angels, was known to authorities for overseeing a drug trafficking network that extended to Europe and Asia and was worth millions of dollars. Bagnato was a former business associate of Schneider in Australia.

Bagnato's recent court appearances come as members of the Hells Angels bike gang in Pattaya were required to pay 150,000 baht ($A6000) to two Thai brothers after an altercation and assault.

Two Australians, Daniel Anthony Stalley, 34, and John Lee, 43, had turned themselves in to Pattaya police after the altercation with the Thais was caught on CCTV.

The fight followed a dispute and damage to the Australians' vehicle near a beer bar in South Pattaya on September 17.