TGI Fridays Is Ringing In The Holidays With A Whopping 14 New Cocktails

Cheers with TGI Friday new cocktails
Cheers with TGI Friday new cocktails - TGI Fridays

This holiday season, TGI Fridays is setting the festive bar high (no pun intended) by launching a whopping 14 new cocktails. The restaurant is no stranger to holiday-themed cocktails, as 2021 saw the release of four seasonally-inspired concoctions. Yet the leap to 14 demonstrates the chain's new vision, as the brand expands its focus from casual dining to a more bar-like atmosphere, a nod to Friday's roots as a single's bar.

The festive menu is vast in terms of flavors and appearance, from fruity concoctions like the Triple Berry Sleigh Ride Shooter and Blackberry Long Island Iced Tea to the bold green Spruced Up Spritz. Although this latter cocktail may resemble the Grinch, its blend of Hendrick's Gin, La Marca Prosecco, seltzer, and Midori may very well dispel any holiday grumpiness. There's also a chilled selection of cocktails that capture the essence of the festive spirit with a twist, such as Peppermint Christmas in Jalisco, which includes Patron Silver, or Skrewed Up S'mores, a playful mix of chocolate liqueur and Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey.

If you have a favorite cocktail for the holiday season, it might be worth considering whether any of these draws your festive attention.

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TGI Christmas

Flying reindeer and spiked cider TGI Friday cocktails
Flying reindeer and spiked cider TGI Friday cocktails - TGI Fridays

While some cocktail items on this menu are wholly unique, one addition will have Friday fans raving: the Pumpkin Spiced Espresso-tini. A version of this pumpkin-spiced take on an espresso martini has been gracing Friday's seasonal menu for a while, and some Facebook users have called for it to make a comeback. While 2021's Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini used Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Kahlua, this 2023 version will blend Absolut Vodka, Frangelico, pumpkin, and Owen's Nitro Espresso.

While Friday's welcomes old favorites in new forms, part of the revamp of Friday's marketing has also been a focus on mocktails. This is evident in the three non-alcoholic options gracing the 2023 seasonal menu. These include Chilled Cocoa, Spiced Cider, and a Nice Blood Orange Margarita made with Spiritless Jalisco 55.

Alongside the cocktail menu, Friday's festive menu also has new and old holiday food combos. The Crispy Whiskey Combo featuring ribs and fried shrimp is making a return, and there's also a steak-and-shrimp combo featuring a Hennessy-orange glaze and a Korean Red Chile Combo of chicken and crispy shrimp.

If the cocktail menu lives up to the hype, it'll be the perfect way to say cheers to TGI's larger bar dreams and the holiday season.

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