TGA clears Pfizer jab for elderly patients

Rebecca Gredley
·1-min read

Australia's medical regulator has declared there's no specific risk to older patients from the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, after about 30 elderly people in Norway died after receiving it.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration was told last month about 30 people had died after getting the jab, from more than 40,000 elderly people in Norway who had been vaccinated.

The cases were discussed at a meeting of European experts, with the conclusion that no causal link could be established between vaccination and deaths.

Medical regulators in North America, the UK and Europe have made similar conclusions, the TGA says.

The Pfizer vaccination has been given regulatory approval and is expected to be rolled out later this month.

"Elderly patients can receive this vaccine and there is no cap on the upper age limit," the TGA said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The TGA will continue to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines as they are rolled out in Australia and internationally."

For frail patients over the age of 85, the TGA says the benefits of the vaccine should be weighed against the potential risk of even mild reactions.