Text alerts ahead of WA power cuts

Western Australians at risk of power cuts will get targeted text messages this summer urging them to cut electricity use in a bid to keep the lights on.

Western Power will send alerts to customers if their suburb is at risk of power disruptions to encourage them to reduce their energy use.

The move is part of a summer readiness campaign to ensure WA consumers have adequate electricity supplies over the next few months.

"Western Australians are increasingly using more electricity over summer, with the average household consumption from December to March going up by around 10 per cent each year," Energy Minister Bill Johnston said.

"The summer readiness campaign aims to drive awareness and education around energy consumption as everyone starts to play a more active role in WA's energy transformation.

"Our hotter summers are driving peak demand."

Over summer, Perth and Peel households will be encouraged to make changes to their energy use to maintain reliable power during the evening peak demand periods.

The measures include limiting the use of major appliances between 5pm and 9pm and keeping air conditioner settings at 24 degrees.