Grieving family disgusted by woman's crude photobomb

A family photo will forever be tainted by a photobombing woman.

Monica Davila and her family, from Texas, were trying to “recreate memories” on a family trip in the United States after the death of her husband’s grandmother.

The trip to Garner State Park was meant to be a friendly family gathering to honour her.

Upon looking at the family photos, Davila noticed a young woman flashing her breasts, standing alongside the family in the group shot.

A woman can be seen lifting up her shirt and revealing her breasts in a Texas family's photo. Source: Monica Davila

“We’re trying to recreate memories... Having some chick’s boob isn’t allowing us to do that,” Ms Davila told ABC 13.

At the time, the family was unaware of the woman exposing herself and Ms Davila said she felt “completely disrespected”.

“I just think this person should be held accountable. What she did was wrong. There were kids watching her,” Ms Davila said.

Monica Davila (left) has taken offence to the unknown woman (right) over her actions as the trip was commemorating a late family member. Source: Monica Davila.

Ms Davila wrote a Facebook post, with hopes it would go “viral” so the woman would be “embarrassed”.

But the post appears to have been deleted.

Ms Davila said she received both support and criticism for the Facebook post.

“People are like, ‘Who cares, it’s a just a boob’, but I care,” she said.

Ms Davila has filed a report with police and she told ABC13 she believed the police were interested in following through with the incident.

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