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Tesla shareholders set to vote on 3-for-1 stock split

Yahoo Finance's Pras Subramanian explains what to expect at Tesla's annual shareholder meeting.

Video transcript

- I've learned about sport mode. And I think someone who might use sport mode is Elon Musk, front and center today. Tesla's annual meeting today in Texas that's after tonight. We're hearing about some things like some shareholder nominations for stuff, like board members and also that stock split. But mostly, we're talking about things like, are we going to hear about production? That had a record July-- sorry, record June Tesla said. So are they going to show or talk to us more about what's happening there?

The ramps in Berlin, Austin and Shanghai, are they actually coming up? Are they actually making more, are they actually going to hit that 1.4 to 1.5 million vehicles they think they're going to hit this year? Also pricing. Elon Musk talked about-- I think it was Friday-- that he sees pricing coming down on certain components. So is that really happening? Is that an extended, is that a real kind of trend they're seeing right now?

And finally, any new clues on new plants? Next year, they've got to go to 2.1-2.4 million vehicles next year. Are they going to actually build more plants, expand the current ones. So we'll see what they say about that. Product roadmaps, things like that.

- I'm curious how many questions there will be about my upcoming book, Five Days in Delaware, because there were-- according to The Verge, there were 27 separate requests of Tesla about the Twitter subpoena. So there is a lot of crossover. I'm sure Elon Musk wished that was not the case, but 27 separate requests to Tesla about this upcoming trial. That is not the distraction they want.

- Yeah, it'll come up. But of the stuff that's put up for vote right now, it's more about ESG stuff, corporate board member voting, are you going to allow employees to sue in court versus going to arbitration, things like that, that a lot of activist investors have put forward to the board right now.

- The stock split going to get a lot of attention, I'm sure, amongst shareholders as well.

- And that'll probably pass pretty easily. I mean, there's a lot of people are riled up about that three for one stock split. Stocks are what, 900 bucks right now? So it's a pretty-- seems like a fair bet that it would pass.

- All right, Yahoo Finances, [INAUDIBLE], thanks so much.