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Tesla Cyberquad for Kids recalled due to federal safety standard violations

The automaker has also recalled 24,000 Model 3 EVs.

Tesla / Radio Flyer

The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is being recalled by Radio Flyer (which built the product) after the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that it violates all-terrain vehicle (ATV) federal safety standards for youths. The agency determined that, among other issues, the mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure weren't adequate. Moreover, it said the Cyberquad for Kids lacked an approved ATV action plan, which lays out safety requirements and is needed to build, import, sell or distribute ATVs in the US.

In the recall notice, which was spotted by The Verge, the CPSC said that around 5,000 units of the Cyberquad for Kids had been sold. Tesla was offering the product through its website. Radio Flyer said folks who bought one should immediately return the motor controller (the removal of which will permanently disable the Cyberquad) for a full $1,900 refund. The company will reimburse at least some costs involved in returning the motor controller and disposing of the other parts. It's not clear whether new Cyberquad for Kids models will be sold at a later time.

The electric Cyberquad for Kids has up to 15 miles of range and a top speed of 10 mph. It has a steel frame, cushioned seat and LED light bars. While there haven't been any reports of serious injuries, Radio Flyer said it learned of one case where the Cyberquad for Kids — which is designed for a single rider — tipped over while being driven by a child and a woman, with the adult sustaining a bruised shoulder.

Radio Flyer noted that Tesla's main involvement with the Cyberquad for Kids, other than selling it, was consulting on the ATV's appearance. It's designed to look like the standard Cyberquad, which Tesla announced alongside the Cybertruck. Radio Flyer has also sold rideable toy versions of Tesla cars for kids.

Meanwhile, there's a Tesla recall of another sort. As noted by Electrek, the company is recalling just over 24,000 Model 3 vehicles built since 2017 due to a possible seat belt issue.