Terrifying moment cyclist is mowed down by car in hit-and-run

Police have released video of a hit-and-run between a cyclist and a vehicle at crossing in Florida.

In the vision 42-year-old Steven Weldon can be seen riding across a road on a bike where the lights are flashing, signalling cyclists have right of way.

Two white cars ignore the lights and continue to move through the crossing failing to stop, even as the cyclist is clearly in the middle of the crossing.

As Mr Weldon raises his hands as if to grab the attention of the driver, the white Chrysler collides with him, knocking him off his bike.

The cyclist tumbles over the car as it mows him down and continues driving.

The St.Petersburg department released the video on Facebook and are asking for assistance to track down the driver, who they say stopped after the collision, but only to move the bike out of the roadway and continued to drive.

Police released the vision of Steven Weldon cycling across the road, with right of way, when one of the vehicles collides with him and keeps driving. Source: St. Petersburg PD

Mr Weldon watched the video with local media Spectrum News and said it was hard to watch.

“Once I see it... I’m like... he hit me for real,” he said as he relived the moment again.

Despite cringing at the video, Mr Weldon said he was lucky his only physical injuries were a few broken bones.

“This wrist is just fractured, not bad maybe a month or so to heal. This one was pretty much destroyed,” he told Spectrum.

Mr Welcon said he wanted to speak with the driver to deliver a message but doesn’t hold a grudge, telling Spectrum News: “Just man up. I’m okay, all-in-all... It’s not as bad as you think it is.”

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