Terrifying video shows shark feeding in area of Whitsunday attacks

Terrifying footage shows a shark feasting on a whale carcass in the area of the Whitsunday attacks.

Local boat operators also report two tiger sharks have been caught in the area this week.

Shark attacks are extremely rare in these waters and experts are stunned by the two shark attacks which occurred inside of 24 hours.

“This is unusual highly occurrence, you know, the Whitsundays is a relatively safe area. There’s a lot of people that use the Whitsundays,” Seaworld’s Trevor Long said.

“This is a tropical area, there’s probably four species that could be involved in it. Probably the worst of those species would be a tiger shark.”

Footage shows the shark feeding on a whale carcass. Source: 7 News

A young girl was attacked by a shark at the same Queensland island where a Tasmanian mother was mauled less than 24 hours earlier.

The 12-year-old was rescued by helicopter from Cid Harbour in the Whitsunday Islands on Thursday afternoon after being bitten on the upper leg.

The girl, who was holidaying with her father and sister, was flown to the Mackay Base Hospital in a critical condition.

She came out of surgery on Thursday, with her injuries described as “horrific”.

Video shows the shark feasting. Source: 7 News

Tasmanian woman, Justine Barwick, was attacked by a shark only a day before. She suffered a major injury to her upper left thigh in the attack and was bleeding profusely from the wound when she was pulled from the water at Cid Harbour about 5pm on Wednesday.

Ms Barwick was helicoptered to Mackay Base Hospital where she remained in a critical condition on Thursday morning after overnight surgery. Her injuries have been described as “life-changing”.

Justine Barwick was attacked in the Whitsundays by a shark on Wednesday. Source: 7 News