Terrifying dashcam video demonstrates dangers of texting and driving

Drivers are being warned about committing a dangerous act behind the wheel after footage revealed the harrowing moment a distracted motorist crashed into a pole.

In video released by police in Berlin, in the US state of Massachusetts, the driver is seen veering to the right-hand side of the road before crashing into a large pole.

Powerlines fall over the road as the pole splits in half and the car dramatically flips over and skids to a rest on its hood.

The driver recording the incident on dashcam then swerves off the road the avoid the collision.

"This is video footage of a motor vehicle crash we responded to on July 23rd of this year," the Berlin Police Department wrote on Facebook on Monday.

The department revealed the driver was texting while driving and was lucky to only receive minor injuries.

The driver's car flipped after it crashed into a pole while texting behind the wheel. Source: Berlin Police Department

"We want to remind everyone about the serious outcomes that can result from texting and driving, being distracted by any other means, or impairment from drugs or alcohol," Berlin authorities wrote on Facebook.

"Please use this as a self reminder, or to show your family & friends. The text, email, Facebook, Snapchat Message can wait — it is not worth your life or the life of another person."

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while behind the wheel is one of the most alarming forms of distracted driving.

It compares the act of taking one's eyes off the road for just five seconds to send or read a message while driving at approximately 90km/h with driving the length of an entire football field with one's eyes closed.

In April, a Snapchat video revealed the final moments of a woman’s life before a horrific fatal crash.

The woman appeared the face a camera being held by a passenger before turning her attention back to the road.

In July, a woman was called out on social media after a video emerged showing her texting with both hands while cruising down a highway.

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