Terrifying video emerges of driver swerving while on phone

Shocking footage has emerged of a Perth driver talking on his mobile phone.

For almost half an hour, witnesses say the man swerved and drove between lanes on the Kwinana freeway, almost crashing six times.

A Perth driver was caught with both hands on his phone while driving. Source: 7 News

He can be seen with two hands on his phone as his car swerves in and out of the emergency lane.

For a total of 20 minutes, the driver tailgates with his eyes on everything except the road.


“It was scary,” witness Angela Cooke said.

“He came really, really close a lot of times.”

Witness Angela Cooke said the man’s driving was “really scary.” Source: 7 News

Angela was a passenger in the car in front of him. Worried he was about to hit their car, she began filming.

“He was swerving all over the road, he nearly hit the barrier, he was trying to get into the next lane, cutting people off,” Angela said.

“I thought he was going to hit us.”

It happened in peak hour on the Kwinana Freeway near Cockburn  on  Friday.

At one point Angela says she saw the driver tuck two $100 notes under his watch band then start waving that arm at passing cars.

She sent her vision to police, who say the driver can expect a knock at the door very soon.

Police catch around 1000 Perth drivers a month on their phones talking, texting and video chatting.

They say the message about the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving is still not getting through.