Car crushed after truck loses its load in collision with overpass

A car has been crushed by a large item off the back of a truck after its driver drove straight into a height-restricted overpass.

The small car was travelling just behind the truck in the lane next to it as it approached the bridge overpass, with neither vehicles slowing down on their approach.

Graphic dashcam video showing the March 26 accident was shared to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

The item, which appeared to be a cabinet of some description, smashed through the car’s windshield and knocked the dash cam from its position and onto the floor.

The truck drove straight into the overpass, forcing its load to crash onto the small car. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

The overpass, with its 3.7 metre height written on its side, appeared to be suspended above Racecourse Road, Newmarket, Melbourne.

Social media users condemned the truck driver for not knowing the height of its load.

“I think I've counted 18 bridge warning signs/signals in the 2-3km lead up to this bridge. Some drivers are oblivious to everything around them,” someone wrote in a comment.

The car was travelling behind the truck as it approached the overpass. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners

“Know your height width and weight and the route you travel,” a Facebook user added.

“Jeez very lucky not to have serious injuries,” another person said.

Others thought the responsibility was partially the car driver’s, saying they too should have been paying more attention.

“The driver of the car wasn’t watching their surroundings either,” someone said.

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