Terrifying moment python almost strangles man as he poses with huge snake

An Indian forest ranger has narrowly avoided being strangled to death by a snake, after he posed for photos with the huge serpent around his neck.

The ranger had been called in to the village inWest Bengal, in India’s east, to capture a rock python but after wrangling in the serpent he stopped to pose for photos with a crowd of people, India Newstreet Media reports.

In the video, the ranger holds the 5.4-metre, 40kg snake around his neck among excited villagers who take photos.

An Indian forest ranger has almost been strangled by a python he rescued while posing for photos. Source: India Newzstreet Media

But their excitement soon turns to panic. As he tries to remove the snake from his shoulders, the snake wraps around his neck.

Luckily, a bystander jumps in to help. The snake eases its grip and stops trying to strangle him.

The pair are seen walking off, with the ranger still carrying the snake over his shoulders.

The python tightens its grip around the man’s neck. Source: India Newzstreet Media

The ranger was originally called in after villagers saw the python swallowing a goat, the BBC reports.

He wasn’t injured in the incident.

He was later identified as Sanjay Dutta, and he told AFP he wasn’t scared when the snake tightened its grip because if he had panicked, “it could have been fatal”. He later released the serpent into the wild.

West Bengal’s forest department has launched an investigation into Mr Dutta’s conduct.