Terrifying moment man thought 'predator' was going to eat his dog

An Aussie man known for his ocean adventures has shared a heart-stopping video showing his dog playing in the ocean as a larger "predator" approaches.

Brodie Moss, a larrikin filmmaker better known as the frontman for Youtube channel Youngbloods, shared a video on TikTok with his almost five million large fan base.

In it he's heard screaming excitably, "there's something big coming right at me" as he points to splashing in the water where a fin can be seen.

Dog splashing in water at beach
The dog was splashing in the water at the beach when another bigger animal is seen lurking. Source: TikTok/@ybsbrodie

"Look at that, whoa, whoa whoa" he continues, screaming at his dog to get out of the water.

"What is that, is that a shark?" he says. "It's hunting something, whoa."

But in an unexpected twist the thrill seeker admits it was just a dolphin.

"I thought my dog was going to get eaten by something until the very end," he captioned the video.

While many saw the humour in the popular video, some TikTok users admitted it was "terrifying for a few seconds."

"Bro, if something coming at you maybe run away," one fan wrote in the comments.

"Stryda (the dog) is just like Brodie, she sees danger and has to run towards it," another fan joked.

The video, filmed on the Western Australian coast, fooled some though with one admitting they "thought it was a little bully [bull shark] for a second."

Others praised the popular filmmaker and his series of funny videos.

WA man Brodie Moss Youngbloods
WA man Brodie Moss is known for his humorous outdoor adventure videos. Source: Instagram/ybsyoungbloods

Legion of fans

Ms Moss has become known for his daring outdoor adventure videos after quitting his job as an electrician in 2019 to become a full-time YouTuber.

His videos often involved him partaking in a range of outdoor activities including camping, fishing, and diving for big fish along WA's coast.

"I started making enough money to cover my bills and in the end, my full-time job as an electrician was getting in the way of being a YouTuber," he previously told the ABC.

On TikTok alone, the popular content creator has a huge 4.7 million followers, an extra 3.75 million on YouTube and 400,000 on Instagram.

Meanwhile, his pup Stryda Moss has its very own social media account with a big 121,000 followers.

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