Terrifying moment girl hangs from escalator in shopping centre

A fun time at the mall nearly turned into a tragic disaster for a young girl that was playing on the outer side of the escalator and got accidentally stuck hanging in the air as it reached the second floor.

The unnamed girl was accompanied by her family, who left her unattended while they did some shopping and she went to play by the escalator, according to local media.

As she got on the escalator, she accidentally flipped over onto the outer side of the moving stairway and grabbed the railing as it kept going upwards.

A girl clings to the outer rail of a escalator as a man rushes to help.
A girl hangs as an escalator pulls her up in a Shanghai mall, China. Source: Australscope/AsiaWire

The incident took place at an unnamed shopping mall in the city of Shanghai, located in east-central China, on September 25.

The footage shows the frightened girl helplessly swinging her feet while desperately trying to hold on with her hands, attempting to grapple the continuously moving handrail.

She started screaming for help as she barely held on for dear life.

Two men that were passing by the escalator rushed to the stuck child's help and managed to pull her up to safety.

One of the rescuers seen in the footage – named only as Mr Ding by local media – said he and his younger brother were luckily walking past at the right time.

A girl hangs off the outside of an escalator in a shopping centre.
Two men rushed the help the girl as she hung off the escalator. Source: Australscope/AsiaWire

He said the little girl was probably about three or four years of age and he blamed her parents for failing to properly supervise their daughter.


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