Terrifying moment cyclist is almost wiped out by deer hit by car

A cyclist has nearly been wiped out by a flying deer after the buck was hit by a car.

Video shot in Charlotte, North Carolina, shows the group of cyclists travelling along a rural road.

But out of nowhere, a deer appears crossing the road.

A black car travelling from the opposite direction smashes into the animal, sending it flying into the path of the cyclists.

A deer has been sent flying into the path of cyclists after it was hit by a car on a road in North Carolina. tSource: YouTube/ Peter Flur

Luckily, it misses all of them and the cyclists continue their route with a few of them looking back to make sense of what’s just happened.

Peter Flur, the man who filmed the incident, told the Charlotte Observer “it happened so fast”.

“I look up and see this thing flying at us,” he said.

Mr Flur said he decided to share the video to show the “crazy things” people see when they’re cycling and the dangers cyclists face.

He added the deer did not survive.