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Terrifying moment car dragged along highway wedged under truck

A Honda driver has been filmed waving for help after somehow becoming trapped under a moving truck on a motorway.

Grzegorz Buczynski captured the moment on dashcam as he was driving along Interstate 294 in Chicago recently.

In the video, the Honda is stuck and moving sideways as it remains trapped under the trailer of a truck.

A Honda seen trapped under a truck's trailer on Interstate 294 in Chicago.
A Honda gets dragged by a truck in Chicago. Source: Grzegorz Buczynski via Storyful

Mr Buczynski is in the right lane, travelling behind.

The driver of the vehicle is seen waving, trying to get someone’s attention.

Mr Buczynski moves up to pass both the truck and Honda before the video cuts.

Driver feared collision was fatal

He told Fox News he thought the people in the car were dead when he first saw Honda stuck under the truck because it was "almost half under that trailer”.

Mr Buczynski said he began honking his horn to get the truck driver’s attention. It took him a moment but he eventually realised the Honda was stuck under his trailer.

Amazingly, police said no one was injured in the incident. It’s not clear exactly how the Honda became wedged beneath the truck.

'Terrifying' incident has people questioning how it happened

On Twitter, people were shocked by the “terrifying” incident.

One man called it “crazy”.

“I’ll bet the car’s driver needed a change of underwear after that ride,” one woman tweeted.

Many people asked whether or how the driver of the truck did not notice the car being dragged by the trailer.

Some suggested the car might have been in one of the truck’s blindspots.

According to The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, trucks have four blind spots which include: immediately in front of the truck, beside the driver’s door, directly behind the truck, on the passenger’s side, from the door extending out across three lanes along the length of the truck.

It’s also important to note, that in this case, the video was filmed in the US. The driver’s side of the truck would be the left-side meaning the larger blind-side would be on the right where the car was wedged.

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