Terrifying footage shows why parents should watch their kids around train tracks

Exclusive pictures have been released showing why it is so important to hold on tight to a child’s hand around public transport these school holidays.

In one video obtained by 7 News, a Dad and his toddler push the boundary on the platform at Oatley, in Sydney’s south. 

The clip shows them at the edge, peering all the way over and looking at the tracks below, but they’re too busy to notice a train is quickly approaching. Fortunately they step out of the way in time.

“The moment you cross that yellow line, you’re in the danger zone,” NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said. 

Footage captures a man and a toddler peering over to look at the tracks. Source: 7News.
The pair don’t seem to notice the fast approaching train but fortunately move out of the way in time. Source: 7News

It was during last school holidays at Ashfield Station, a family fun day out didn’t end well for a little boy left behind.

Footage shows him running beside the train, but no matter how fast he went, the train wasn’t going to stop.

Luckily, staff were quick to his aid.

“It catches my breath, as a mother of two children I get very nervous when I see other children that are not in the care of someone,” Susannah Le Bron, from Sydney Trains, told 7 News. 

Last school holidays at Ashfield Station, a boy can be seen running beside a train. Source: 7News

In another clip, a mum holds the hand of one child but not the other, who falls through the gap at busy Circular Quay station.

Other footage shows just how dangerous distractions can be, with a young schoolboy who was bouncing his ball at Thornleigh station losing it as the train approaches.

“Don’t lose concentration at any point, hold your little ones’ hands as tight as you can,” Mr Constance said. 

Distraction is one of the biggest dangers and it could’ve killed this young schoolboy, who was bouncing his ball at Thornleigh station. Source: 7News

In the last financial year, there were almost 2500 trips and falls in railway stations. There were more than 700 injuries, with more than 60 involving children.

The most common accident for kids is falling in the gap between the platform and the train.

There was more than one incident every week last financial year, and 23 resulted in injury.