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Terraced home turned into crime scene house

A new crime scene house has been created at a university for students, police and industry experts to work together on investigation and forensic analysis skills.

Former student accommodation, at Cranfield University, in Bedfordshire, has been transformed, to replicate real-life scenarios.

Dr Hannah Moore, director of the forensic programme, said she was "excited" by the development which was "absolutely fantastic".

The house has been sponsored by Milton-Keynes based Leica Geosystems, which said it was a "significant moment in the field of forensic academia".

Crime scene house at Cranfield University
A make-believe burglary scenario has been set up in the house

The end of terrace house will be used by students on forensic courses, police forces from across the country and industry professionals.

It has been set up as life-like as possible, with a fully equipped home, where DNA and evidence has been planted throughout and crime-scenes staged.

A crime scene scenario in a house
Mud shows where burglars might have entered the home

Dr Moore said: "We already have some crime scene rooms here at Cranfield that are fully accessible but for the police forces themselves having a facility like this alongside students, it's absolutely fantastic."

Evidence in a back garden
Potential evidence has been marked by cones
Dr Hannah Moore
Dr Hannah Moore said students will search for evidence, DNA and any blood samples left

It will enhance a £7.2m centre that opened in 2021, that includes the latest forensic equipment and a mortuary, the university added.

Items on a bed
The house has been stage to look like a break-in while a family are on holiday

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