Terminally-ill girl who stole hearts as parents' flower girl dies in hospital

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

A terminally-ill Gold Coast girl who stole the hearts of thousands as the flower girl at her parents wedding last year has died in hospital. 

Jacob and Tania Skarratts were planning the wedding of their dreams but when their then four-year-old daughter Paige was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour the size of a lemon, the date changed and they were married just 24 hours later.

The couple put together what they say was an even better wedding in just one day so their baby girl could be their flower girl in front of their closest friends and family at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Within days of Paige’s diagnosis, she was having surgery but her newly-married parents were told to prepare for the worst.

Paige Skarratts has passed away one year after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a lemon. Image: Facebook/Love & Hope 4 Paige

The brave youngster defied the odds and went on to live for another year but sadly on Monday, just three days shy of her sixth birthday, Paige passed away.

Her heartbroken mother shared the news late on Tuesday night, saying “my heart hurts but my mind is eased as I know you are no longer in pain”.

“You fought the biggest fight that would put adults to shame in your short life and I have and always will be so god damn proud of you,” Ms Skarratts wrote.

“I lay here with your pillow as it has your smell and it’s like hugging you with tears running down my face though I cannot wait to see your blue eyes, blonde hair and smile pain free and happy in my dreams while we laugh and play!”

Paige wanted to be a flower girl at her parents’ wedding. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography
The pair last year said their vowels in front of Paige and 30 guests. Source: Kylie Marcic Photography

Ms Skarratts, who is expecting to give birth to their third child in just one month, said Paige’s little sister and brother will be told all about her.

“I have no doubt that between family, friends and the people who have had the privilege to meet you, will tell Imogen and Austin their stories about you,” she wrote.

“I promise you this, that you will never be forgotten and you will always be spoken about your cheeky ways.

“I love you and I will forever carry you in my heart. R.I.P my sweet angel.”