Terminally ill father stranded in Bali with family after fall

A terminally ill father has seen his dream overseas holiday with his young family become a nightmare after he took a risk and travelled overseas without health insurance.

Duncan Turner, from Perth, is stuck in Bali with mounting medical bills after he took a bad turn on the family’s way home from Singapore last week.

Mr Turner, his wife Michelle Edgar and their five-year-old daughter Amelie don’t know when they can finally travel home.

Terminally-ill father stranded with family in Bali
Duncan Turner travelled to Singapore with his wife and daughter to swim with dolphins – ticking off the most important task on his bucket list. Source: GoFundMe

As a result of Mr Turner’s short life expectancy, caused by a blood clot to the brain following a serious fall down stairs in July last year, the family flew to Singapore so he and his daughter could swim with dolphins – Amelie’s favourite animal.

It was to be a final bucket list request to create daddy-daughter memories.

“It was priceless, you couldn’t put a value on it,” he revealed.

But as their holiday drew to a close, Mr Turner had another fall in Singapore and was confined to a wheelchair.

Terminally-ill father stranded with family in Bali
The doting father is stuck in Bali after becoming hospitalized when his health deteriorated once more. Source; GoFundMe

At a Bali stopover his condition deteriorated and he was rushed to hospital for life-saving transfusions.

In just a few days they’ve racked up hospital bills and other costs totalling around $10,000.

“We’re just stuck in a pretty tight situation,” an emotional Ms Edgar told 7 News.

Close friends of the family have now banded together and pleaded for donations to help the family return home.

Terminally-ill father stranded with family in Bali
Mr Turner has accumulated thousands of dollars of medical expenses in Bali. Source: GoFundMe

“Michelle and Duncan are two of the most kind-hearted, giving people I know,” close friend Lynette wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page.

She detailed the family’s battles in the face of adversity – first Amelia’s premature birth followed by her father’s health problems.

“It is so heartbreaking that they were only hours from returning to Australia when things turned pear-shaped,’ Lynette said.

The friend said even a small donation “would go a long way toward giving this Perth family in need a big, big help”.

Mr Turner’s emotional wife pleaded for help from the public. Source: 7News
Mr Turner’s emotional wife pleaded for help from the public. Source: 7News

Because of his health problems, Mr Turner couldn’t get travel insurance and the family concede they took a risk.

“We weighed up the risk and thought that having special family memories on this holiday was worth taking a risk,” Ms Edgar said.

They’re now paying the price.

“I’ve got a finite amount of time left on this earth,” the father said as he pleaded for help in bringing his family home.