Tens of thousands fill Madrid with colour for gay pride parade

By Elena Rodriguez and Guillermo Martinez

MADRID (Reuters) - Tens of thousand of people marched and danced on Saturday along the main streets of Madrid, filling the Spanish capital city with coloured flags for the main LGBTI pride parade in the country.

"This is wonderful, I think this is the only place where people are truly free," Maria Alvarez, 43, told Reuters.

Through the slogan "Education, rights and peace: Pride that transforms,", the parade's organisers called for education in diversity as a "key tool" to fight against LGTBIphobia.

Representatives of the coalition in government, as well as some members from the main opposition party, attended an event full of music and floats, but also demands.

"Far-right is always against progression and the opposite should always be supported, society should move forward," said Rober, 37, a hairdresser.

Protesters and organisers also called for an end to the war in Gaza.

(Reporting by Elena Rodriguez, Guillermo Martinez and Pablo Menendez; Writing by Ana Cantero; Editing by Leslie Adler)